Inside the July 2016 issue of Gardening Australia Magazine

Inside the July 2016 issue of Gardening Australia Magazine

Natives instead of exotics
As new cultivars of Australian plants continue to emerge, there is now a native option for virtually every garden situation where you’d traditionally plant an exotic. Angus Stewart runs through native options for a range of purposes, from groundcovers to hedges and feature trees.

Seven ways with citrus
At her home on the Mornington Peninsula, Marcelle Nankervis grows a range of citrus trees, and loves turning the winter crop into food that lasts for months. Here are some of her favourite recipes, from mandarin powder to grapefruit curd and a delicious whole-orange cake.

Daffodils and jonquils
Jane Edmanson profiles these wonderful bulbs, of the Narcissus genus, which start popping up in winter and continue on through spring. This growing guide includes a list of her top 10.

Gardening on a budget
We can all make use of these dollar-busting tips to start or extend a garden. Kathy Bafile shares what she learnt during those years of having big dreams, but an equally big mortgage that left little in the bank for buying plants or materials.

Weave some magic
Bamboo, lomandra, palm fronds and many other plants can have a second life if you apply a little creativity. Steven Wells tries his hand at basketry, while Phil Dudman provides a step-by-step guide for turning bamboo from your garden into an attractive raised vegie bed.

Making the cut
Part two of our new illustrated pruning series looks at how to safely remove tree limbs, including the type of equipment to use, and advice on when it’s better to call in the professionals.

Gardener of the Year
Readers should get their entries sorted as the competition closes August 7, and first prize is a trip for two to experience the garden sights of London! In this issue, we look at the garden of Faye Arcaro, our 2007 winner, and see how her gardening style and philosophy have evolved.

Other stories

  • Sophie Thomson visits the restored garden at historic Beaumont House in South Australia.
  • Get some rhubarb happening in your vegie patch, with tips from Tino Carnevale.
  • Oops, the dog ate it: Tales from the veterinary front-line on pets who’ve swallowed the lot.
  • The mysterious barn owl is a champion pest controller, cleaning up about four mice a night.

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