Gardening Australia December Issue

Gardening Australia December Issue

Gardening Australia December 2015

On sale November 9th, 2015

Deck the halls...

... and everything else with plants from your own garden. Don’t spend a fortune on decorating this Christmas – use whatever flowers and foliage you have. We show you elegant but achievable ways to wrap, bend, tie and bunch your garden bounty into arrangements sure to impress.

Plant of the month: hydrangeas

What is summer without these handsome blooms, so big and billowy? This care guide touches on the different species available, how to select the perfect position, how to adjust their colour, and how to multiply your stock through tip cuttings.

Life on the edge

Which types of plants enjoy living on the outer perimeter? Find out how to give your borders a little class, using grasses, succulents, edibles, climbers, and more. Make it crisp, make it relaxed, but make it interesting! We include a list of suggested plants for five different growing zones.

Potted herbs

Sophie Thomson explains how easy it is to grow your favourites in pots, so you can move them around to capture the best growing conditions. Try theming your pots according to cuisine, or copy what she does with her kids, growing different mints in old washing machine drums.

The taming of the yew

Topiary is fun, eye-catching and very do-able with these step-by-step instructions from a skilled topiarist. Learn all about the old horticultural craft of pruning plants into shapes, ranging from the geometric to the whimsical, from a full hedge to a single specimen.

Things that go munch in the night

Living in the foothills of the Snowy Mountains, Trisha Dixon has learnt a few tricks to deal with local fauna grazing on her plants. But she has also learnt to live with it – sometimes those chomping jaws do just as good a job as a paid gardener!

Also in this issue  

  • Take a tour around a pretty Queensland garden, with flowers of every kind
  • Welcome cicadas to your garden and learn how to banish whitefly
  • Have a very cherry Christmas, and eat up with these yummy recipes
  • Jackie French reveals how she makes the festive feast special
  • What not to feed your pet this Christmas – hold the turkey!


For interviews with horticultural editor, Phil Dudman, call 0410 625 622. For images or more information, call (02) 9901 6325 or (02) 9901 6301.

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