ABC’s Happy Body At Work wins Workplace Mental Health Promotion & Wellbeing Award

ABC’s Happy Body At Work wins Workplace Mental Health Promotion & Wellbeing Award

Happy Body At Work, the ABC’s corporate wellbeing program, has won the Workplace Mental Health Promotion & Wellbeing award, at the 2015 Mental Health Matters Awards, held at New South Wales Parliament House today.

The winners from 11 categories were announced during an awards presentation ceremony officiated by the Minister for Mental Health, the Hon. Pru Goward MP. The presentation also marked the launch of Mental Health Month. Happy Body At Work (HBAW) is an eight-week evidence based multimedia program targeting the key lifestyle issues of sitting less, moving more, recognising and dealing with stress and getting better sleep. The program has rolled out to over 18,000 employees in companies such as Optus, the ASX, University of Sydney, CSIRO, Ashurst, and Sydney Trains.

HBAW received the award in recognition of the role it plays in increasing the awareness of the impact of mental stress on physical wellbeing throughout working Australia, and providing a simple and scalable educational platform to improve employee mental and physical wellbeing and resilience. HBAW is a joint venture between ABC Commercial and Anna-Louise Bouvier, the creator and executive director of the program. Anna-Louise Bouvier, the creator of the HBAW program said “The Happy Body At Work team are delighted to be recognised for starting a powerful conversation about the link between physical and mental wellbeing and to be able to help thousands of Australians take small steps to increasing their energy and managing their stress."

Robert Patterson, director of ABC Commercial said “This award recognises the ABC’s commitment to increasing the conversation around mental health issues and enhancing the wellbeing of all Australian lives.” “Where the ABC’s Mental As campaign has been highly successful in creating community awareness and breaking down barriers, innovative programs such as Happy Body At Work, focus on increasing wellbeing and resilience for individuals and workplaces.”

The Mental Health Matters Awards are an initiative of the Mental Health Commission of NSW and Way Ahead, formerly known as the Mental Health Association. The awards recognise the achievements of individuals and organisations who have worked to improve understanding, awareness, service provision, and the general mental health of our community over the previous twelve months.

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Deborah O’Leary, Marketing Manager
Happy Body At Work ABC Commercial, Australian Broadcasting Corporation
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