A three part series on Tom Roberts and the Heidelberg School.

Episode 1

In 2015 Australia’s grand dame of the outback, the Country Women’s Association is turning 93, but is showing no sign of aging or retiring anytime soon.

In this two-part special, Compass examines the Salvation Army in Australia, a trusted church-charity engulfed by allegations of sexual abuse in its former children's homes.

David Rennie fell in love with photography seven years ago when he was lured from his car by the sight of a passing bird overhead.

In 2011, 35 year old fashion photographer David Murrell was told he had just months to live. A tumour the size of an orange was removed from his brain.

Karen and Rita are ordinary women with extraordinary stories to tell.

In this series Geraldine Doogue invites Muslims, Jews and Christians to dinner to explore what they believe and why?

As Australia continues to grapple with boat arrivals, Compass looks at who is helping asylum seekers already here and why.

The Israeli army is both respected and feared as a fighting force.

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