Visual Arts

Musee Du Quai Branly is the new museum featuring Australia's Indigenous artworks in Paris, France.

In 1945, the Carrolup School of the south west of Western Australia was flourishing.

Recently unearthed in an America University, 30 precious paintings by the Aboriginal artists of Carrolup Settlement.

Vernon Ah Kee is a portraitist, graphic and video artist.

Artist Tim Storrier examines the creative process from the blank canvas to the inspiration and formulation of the idea to the completed work.

Writer, historian and art critic Robert Hughes presents a survey of Australian art from the time of the First Fleet to the present day, based on the social background of the times and the overseas

A documentary on the life and art of James Gleeson, Australia's foremost Surrealist painter to mark his 80th year.

West Australian artist Howard Taylor's death in 2001 brought to a close a career that began in prisoner of war camps in the 1940s and ended with his recognition as one of the greatest artists

We travel way out back to Broken Hill, an unlikely location for a town with a reputation as a prolific producer of authentic Australian art.