Visual Arts

In Painting Australia six prominent Australian landscape painters take us to their favourite locations, those often hidden and secret places that inspire their work and ignite their passion.

Presented by Fenella Kernebone, Art Nation promises a fun and fascinating ride through Australia's rich arts culture.

Tradition and current events provide startling and creative mixes in the work of four Aboriginal artists: Oodgeroo Noonuccal (Poet and Playright), Archie Weller (Author), Trevor Nickolls and Manduk

This documentary follows a group of artists on a quest for inspiration into the heart of Central Australia.

What's life really like for women in the Islamic world? To what extent is our opinion of them based on Western prejudice? We profile five remarkable women who challenge conventional stereotypes.

Australia's best-known painter, both here and overseas, travels around Australia from Perth and Port Hedland to Cooper's Creek, Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney, summing up what the history of Austra

This is a reflection on the life and work of Jørn Utzon who died in 2008 aged 90. His enduring tribute will, of course, be the Sydney Opera House.

Croatian-born grandmother Gina Sinozich has painted a prodigious and impressive collection of hundreds of internationally celebrated paintings since she first took up a brush just six years ago.

Presenter and writer Marcus Westbury is back and has unearthed an eclectic and amusing mix of artists, writers, critics and musicians whose work has found their audiences – often in the millions –

This three part Arts TV series explores life outside the galleries.