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The true story of one of Australia's greatest sporting heroes. A story of intrigue, drama and eventual tragedy.

The defining aspect of Sydney's proposal to host the 2000 Olympic games was the emphasis on 'clean and green".

Margaret Fulton started out as a secretary at the Australian Gas Light Company but quickly moved on to become a cooking demonstrator.

When John Bertrand skippered 'Australia II' across the finish line in the '83 America's Cup at Newport, Rhode Island, he and his deck-shoed crew broke what was the longest-running record in sportin

The Fibros and the Silvertails is the story of the feud between two football teams that turned into a war about class and alleged corruption.

The Sikhs are a peace loving people whose religion also recommends studying self-defence and keeping fit so that they might be prepared to fight injustice if necessary.

Drawing on God for their inspiration and sporting success - Compass examines how three high profile Rugby League players turn to prayer and worship for team motivation, to see them through challeng

Sports journalist and broadcaster Craig Hamilton was about to catch a train from his hometown Newcastle for the assignment of a lifetime, covering the 2000 Olympics in Sydney.

World Championship Working Sheepdog Trials looks at country people and the great friendship and respect they have with their working dogs.

To most of us, the idea of anyone willingly jumping off a cliff with a 70 metre drop seems completely insane. So why do extreme sports action seekers do it?