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Author Tim Bowden takes us on one of the last great adventures - a voyage through the treacherous Southern Ocean to Australia's Antarctic Territory.
Ep 1 - Macquarie Island

The story of a man whose strange farming practices are puzzling agricultural scientists.

As seen on Catalyst.

Doctor and inventor Max Whisson has always taken a different view of life from most people.

Australian Story looks at a medical mystery, as two Australian women, Mary Rezo and Shani Eldridge, battle to come to terms with a rare and debilitating lung disease that strikes down women of chil

Peter Andrews is a farmer and horseman with passion for healing damaged Australian landscapes through a method he calls natural sequence farming. For decades it seemed no one would listen.

Australian Story looks inside a health and workplace crisis that's been described as a first in Australia and possibly the world. Arguably it's a situation that could have happened anywhere.

This story is about a group of mates who may just be the unlikeliest ever contributors to the proud history of aviation in Australia.

In the 1980s as an unemployed medical scientist, Professor Robert Tindle made a discovery that led to the breakthrough use of stem cells for saving thousands of lives around the world.

Dr Jennifer MacDiarmid and Dr Himanshu Brahmbhatt were scientists working on a disease in sheep at the CSIRO in the early 1990s when one of their colleagues was diagnosed with lung cancer.