Science and Technology

You are what you eat... but science suggests you're also what your grandmother ate.

For many farmers, developing drought-resistant strains of wheat means the difference between surviving the next "Big Dry", or, leaving the land.

Is the air in our cities safe to breathe? New science about fine particle pollution has a dire warning for public health.

What do a dinosaur and a Victorian bridge have in common? Well, quite a lot actually.

Are you Kyoto confused? Overwhelmed by global warming?

Council House Two, or CH2 as its known, is quite possibly the eco-office block of the future – many of its design principles have been taken from nature.

Is your boss manipulative? Intimidating? Totally lacking in remorse? Yet superficially charming? Then you could be working with a workplace psychopath.

In December 2009, representatives from nearly 200 countries gathered in Denmark to hammer out the most important carbon reduction agreement the world has ever made.

A sprained ankle or twisted knee causes pain which tells the body there's an injury and it's time to take action. Treatment follows, the injury heals and after a while the pain goes away.

For decades, scientists have worked to develop technologies that can unlock the energy from coal while reducing the risks of digging it up and burning it.