Science and Technology

It's Murphy's Law. Right? The other lane or queue always seems to be going faster. But change into it and all of a sudden it stops and you're back in the same predicament!

Lactic Acid is blamed for that painful burning sensation you feel when you've pushed yourself a bit too far exercising. Everyone gets it. Even Olympians.

One of the changes sweeping through our society this century is that women are having fewer children, later in life.

Where on earth do we all come from? That's a question Archaeologists have been fiercely debating for years.

There is a hidden toll on our roads - the trauma of serious brain injury. To understand why, we need to see what really happens in a car crash.

Gambling is exciting, seductive - and in Australia, very much part of life... eighty percent of us gamble in some form. But why is gambling so attractive?

Nuclear fusion - where energy is obtained by joining atoms together rather than splitting them as they are in the more conventional fission reactor – promises to provide unlimited clean energy for

If we converted Australia's entire sugar cane crop into ethanol, using conventional techniques, we still wouldn't have anywhere enough fuel to drive our cars.

A Catalyst special on the pressing environmental issue of our time.

Carbon Bigfoot

These three men have just 2 hours over 2 days to take a wild colt, break it in and ride before an exacting panel of judges ... at the biggest horse event in the southern hemisphere.