Science and Technology

The heart pumps 10,000 litres of blood through it everyday. But imagine your heart stopping for hours at a time. Each year this happens to over 18,000 Australians during open heart surgery.

From the ape, to the human, to the silicon substitute, The Face will take you on a remarkable three part journey behind the mast that makes the human face.
Part 1 - Recognition

El Nino is not new and can be traced back as far as European records.

In October, 1996, residents of the twin towns of Albury-Wadonga on the NSW-Victoria border were shocked when the floodgates of the nearby Hume Dam were opened.

Like many Australians, the average oyster likes living by the sea and having a good drink. Every hour it sucks in an average of ten litres of water, as it sieves for it's food.

How much do we really know about food safety and do we actually put it into practice?

On average, men die almost seven years earlier than women and have higher rates of heart disease, lung cancer, cardiovascular disease - in fact, almost every life threatening condition.

This four part series examines four emotions in detail, from their evolutionary origin, to how the emotion is regulated by the body's own drug factory.

Award winning wildlife film maker, David Parer has built his reputation on delivering the pictures we never thought we'd see.

Produced by ABC Education Television. A series of programs for secondary school classes devoted to basic concepts in science.