Science and Technology

Since medieval times, we've depended upon bridges and tunnels to get us over and under the landscape. But technological advances have revolutionised the way they're designed and built.

In the early 1980s, a young Sydney man gave blood.

In a freezer at Stanford University in California is stored what some say is the most precious collection of blood samples ever assembled.

In September 1996 a research team consisting of archaeologist Richard Fullagar, dating expert David Price and geographer Lesley Head, claimed they had good evidence that Aborigines had been living

An excellent program for geography students. Divided into three parts, this 30 minute special focuses on river health and water quality in Australia.
River Health

Mars and Earth are brother and sister - or they were 4 billion years ago. They started life as equals, with similar atmospheres, planetary features and climates.

In a millisecond, on July 16, 1945, the evolution of the human species took a remarkable turn.
Part 1: A Deadly Dose

Dr Vaughn Clift, a medical doctor, is as far as he knows, the only Australian working for NASA.

Vast deposits of granite rocks lie five kilometres underneath Australia.

In September 1994, a Queensland horse trainer and most of his stable of race horses fell to a sudden and mysterious illness.