Science and Technology

It has long been held true that Australia has a 'dead heart' but now ecologist Dr Steve Morton declares war on this cherished belief.

Secrets of St Marys is a scientific detective story that follows a team of student archaeologists as they set out to discover what life was like for the first settlers of South Australia.

When it comes to life skills the one we are least trained for is probably parent hood. And when it comes to children’s behavioural problems the parenting role is often stretched to the limit.

In Australia, one quarter of all children have now been diagnosed as asthmatic, a statistic which puts us in the top three in the world for incidence of the disease.

Judy and panellists Dr Arjun von Caemmerer, osteopath Chando Steiner and registered nurse Maggi Koerbin from the Arthritis Foundation discuss two very different approaches to managing arthritis and

Following on from our extremely popular Salinity compilation in 1999, this update continues the debate about salinity and its devastating impact on the Australian environment.

Salinity has been called the biggest environmental threat to Australia in the 21st century.

Marine biologist Alastair Birtles has made hundreds of dives on the Great Barrier Reef.

A visually stunning story of our planet from birth to death and the influence of the Sun and Moon on all living things.

No matter what the advances in modern medicine are, there are still too many times when a patient's sickness is cured but the patient doesn't feel better.