Science and Technology

Waterworks is a series of four half-hour programs examining the role and nature of water in four important areas: biology and oceanography; chemistry of water; pressure density and Archimedes Princ

Vital Systems is a six part series, developed for Australian secondary school students, which looks at the major systems of the human body.

Armed with seven planes manned by some of the world's most experienced pilots, a ship, 250 scientists and researchers and the best gadgets money can buy, a daring and intrepid group tries to catch

Tasmania is home to the biggest marsupial carnivore left on earth - the Tasmanian Devil.

In the 1840s Tasmania's capital Hobart was the second largest whaling port in the world. Total commercial exploitation of whales was the order of the day.

This program aimed at lower primary school students adopts an investigative approach that helps children to recognise and understand the use of technology around them.

A documentary celebrating the emergence of Australia's science city of the south which boasts the world's longest continuous association with Antarctica.

The SLEEK GEEKS are two of Australia's best loved science broadcasters, Karl Kruszelnicki and Adam Spencer.

This four part series narrated by David Wenham examines the nature, extent, and current and future scenarios around dryland and freshwater salinity.
Episode 1 - The Story

Set in the spectacularly beautiful Antarctica, this film documents how Australia came to lead the world in understanding and conserving this last great wilderness.