Religion and Spirituality

Compass explores the modern day appeal of religious life by following the personal journeys of three Australians who take up a vocation later in life.

Nearly 400 years after being tried by the Roman Catholic Inquisition, Galileo again faces charges of heresy.

Three unique choirs all with one aim: to bring Christmas to those who aren’t really looking for it.

Anglicans are struggling with the future of their church. Conservatives are angry about plans to bless same-sex relationships and the consecration of an openly gay bishop in the USA.

This program charts the adventures of an octogenarian motor bike rider who's suddenly become the centre of a social networking phenomenon.

Compass investigates support and opposition to the growing number of chaplains in our state schools.

Madonna statues have been known to weep all around the world.

What's life really like for women in the Islamic world? To what extent is our opinion of them based on Western prejudice? We profile five remarkable women who challenge conventional stereotypes.

From Bathurst Island, 80km north of Darwin, a Eucharist service in the Roman Catholic tradition integrating Aboriginal traditional elements and conventional Catholic liturgical forms.