Religion and Spirituality

**WINNER** Best Documentary History, Social and Political Issues - 2011 ATOM Awards

The idea of choosing your baby's hair and eye colour, IQ, height, weight and talents fills most of us with a sense of horror, evoking memories of Nazi breeding programmes from the 1930s.

Should ethics be offered to school students as an alternative to religious instruction or scripture classes? When public schools offer scripture classes students who opt out may sit idle.

Many Australians have traditionally engaged in an orgy of spending in the lead-up to Christmas, lavishing huge amounts on gifts for family and friends. But for some, it's gone too far.

While Australia spends millions of dollars to stop the flow of asylum seeker boats, its efforts are constantly undermined by criminals and corrupt military and government officials.

Compass follows the fortunes of three young men diagnosed with a mental illness who are given a new chance in life by getting a roof over their heads.

This three-part special series takes a look at the role sex plays in society today.
Sex, Faith and Marriage

This 3-part Compass series looks at ageing, focussing on the elderly at work, in the home and with family.

An exciting new Compass series hosted by theologian Scott Stephens who talks to high profile Australians about what they think is the meaning of life.


Compass goes to Ernabella, a remote aboriginal community south-west of Alice Springs, as it prepares for Easter in its newly renovated church.