Religion and Spirituality

Australians get a bad rap overseas, and our stocks seem especially low in India. In fact, a sizeable chunk of India’s 1.2 billion people think Aussies are dumb, drunk and racist.

Every day in Australia over 40 000 patients are in hospital. While medicine tends their bodies, hospital chaplains tend their souls.

Miracles is a series of epic tales of survival.

Q&A puts punters, pollies and pundits together in the studio to thrash out the hot issues of the week. It's about democracy in action - on Q&A the audience gets to ask the questions.

Every December Jean and Peter Ridley hook up their "Caravan of Hope" to bring Christmas cheer and joy (and toys for kids!) to the people of the bush.

We look at Jeff Gambin, a retired business man and gourmet chef, who devoted his life to the homeless, feeding them and helping them get back into society and find jobs.

This program is about a grandmother whose recovery from terminal illness became central to the declaration of Australia's first saint.

This two-part series examines the issue of same sex marriage in Australia, following three different couples at work and at home, and in the second episode Geraldine Doogue discusses the issue with

The origins of Hinduism date back to the Indus civilisation of 3000 BCE.

Geraldine Doogue talks life, love and religion with Christos Tsiolkas, author of the best-selling novel The Slap, now a new ABC1 television drama.