Religion and Spirituality

Twelve speakers from Judaism, Islam, Hinduism and Buddhism explore the status of religious identity and the meaning of 'Religion' in a multicultural society.
Ep 1 - Identity and God

When Brian and Bobbie Houston established their own tiny house of worship 20 years ago, they didn't dream they would end up at the helm of the biggest independent church in Australia.

In 1998 Australian Story featured a story about reformed heroin addict and dealer Terry Walker who had become a pastor reaching out to outlaw bikie groups and those in the community with drug and a

When Kerry Tucker was jailed for seven years for theft and fraud, she had two choices. She could give in to the shame and hopelessness or apply her energy and brains to building a future.

Neil Jenman made a fortune in real estate before deciding to switch sides and act for consumers who'd fallen foul of the property market.

This Australian Story is about love lost... and love found.