This engaging two-part documentary digs deep into overlapping histories of the respective countries, unpacks the present and looks to the future of Australia’s ‘waltz with the dragon’.

A commemorative special from Canberra to mark the 75th anniversary of the Battle for Kokoda.

The definitive account of the war in Afghanistan from a uniquely Australian perspective. The series explores the successes and failures of the war and how the war on Terror has changed our lives.

Aboriginal community leader Lois Cook’s exploration of her great grandfather Bubba Jack Cook’s story reveals the history of indigenous massacres on the NSW North Coast.

This Australian Story provides a rare insight into the mysterious world of Australia's elite Commando regiments.

Episode 1: Bad Hair Decades In the 70s Australia's closed economy was smashed by shock after shock. By the 80s we were suffering high unemployment & inflation. Radical reform was needed.

An epic tragedy in which a good man is compelled by desperation, fear, ambition and love for his family to participate in a crime of inhuman savagery.

Over 130,000 Australian horses served in the Great War. In the desert sands of the Middle East, they ultimately carried their men to victory at Damascus. But they did not return home.

From a score of international locations Sam Neill confronts the enduring power of the Anzac myth.

This is the story of two scientists who discover ancient human remains that challenge everything we know about human evolution.