Four Corners

Drought boosts his price; rain depresses it. Not so long ago, the water was free for all to use. Welcome to the world of the water baron.

Aurukun is a remote Aboriginal community on the west coast of Cape York Peninsula and like many other communities, it is fighting 'the grog'.

A member of a ‘raskol’ gang talks about rape as a ritual part of crime. A career truck driver on the highland’s highway picks up a teenage prostitute – just part of his routine.

This life and death subject was taboo territory for decades. For Aboriginal people, it was a matter of shame. For non-Aboriginal people, it opened up accusations of racism.

The booming public interest in artworks as investment has meant a bonanza for those in the business of art. At the latest round of art sales, $16 million was spent in the space of a week.

Could there be a relatively cheap and cost-effective way to stop prisoners reoffending?

There's another story buried deep beneath the horrific headlines about sexual abuse in indigenous Australia.

For decades the Liberal Party has carried itself proudly as a broad church, home to a wide spectrum of ideology among members.

Four Corners revisits Box Ridge, the sight of the first Four Corners location shoot 32 years ago, to see if the living and working conditions of the local Aborigines have changed any.

This episode is about Lurnea High School, highlighting the crisis when principal, Robyn Cragg clashed with six senior teachers leading to union involvement and threats of a statewide strike.