Four Corners

For years he's warned that welfare payments – sit down money - have encouraged irresponsibility and a hand out mentality in indigenous communities.

It's part of a service industries revolution that's sweeping workplaces, based on the old notion that time is money.

Children across Australia talk about the alarming impact of bullying on their lives.

We visit the Northern Territory which has the largest network of "barefoot doctors" to see why they are proving to be so successful, and why attempts to impose Western health standards on Aborigine

Early in 2001 an international police squad burst into a bustling Bangkok office and arrested 80 mostly young western expatriates, including a group of Australians.

With the fierce debate over the prescription of amphetamine-like medication to children suffering from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, many parents are looking for drug-free alternatives.

Across the world, coral reefs are turning into marine deserts. It's estimated that more than a quarter have been lost and that 40 per cent could be gone by 2010.

Cartoonist Bill Leak has had depression all of his life. He is not alone. One in five Australians will suffer from depression at some stage in their lives.

Through trauma and sickness alcohol kills more than 3000 Australians and hospitalises 70,000 annually.

Since deregulation, we're borrowing money like never before....$211 billion in 1996. And the banks are reaping the rewards.