Four Corners

In December 1986, two city teenagers, Simon Amos and James Annetts, left the outback station where they were employed and never returned.

So you want to build a giant development on an idyllic sweep of beachfront. Who are you going to call?

In an industrial landscape where many unions are diminished in numbers and influence, the Police Association of Victoria keeps on growing its membership, shirtfronting critics and crunching deals.

Greedy, gullible, or victims of the taxman's tardiness? Tens of thousands of Australians who jumped aboard the 1990s tax minimisation bandwagon are being called to account.

Charlotte and her three young children scrape by on welfare. The only child support she’s had from her estranged husband is a princely, one-off, $5.

Reporter Quentin McDermott reports on the war between police and Gypsy Joker bikies that led authorities to cut a deal with a murderer and drug dealer.

Australia is in the midst of a water crisis ... no longer is this a story of drought in the bush – it’s reached right into our city suburbs.

Four Corners talks to the Chief Justice, Sir Anthony Mason on a range of issues.

One in five Australian women – perhaps your workmate, or your neighbour or your friend – knows the humiliation and terror of domestic violence.

If your late model car goes missing, don't expect to see it again soon.