Four Corners

Australia may be one of the most internet-connected countries on earth, with a super-fast broadband network on the way.

Imagine being about to give birth, cocooned in a speeding car on a night-time dash to a hospital that’s still hours away, every bump, every brake to dodge a kangaroo sharpening the pain and discomf

This episode focuses on the town of Marysville, 95 kilometres north of Melbourne. Thirty four men, women and children lost their lives in a fire that police now believe was deliberately lit.

With more and more Australians living longer the task of finding quality care for people who can't look after themselves is getter tougher.

A chart of the last weeks in the life of Esther Wild and the dilemma faced by her doctor, Philip Nitschke, who had been treating her for cancer.

Does the legal system abuse the victims of child sexual abuse all over again? Some of Australia's top judges, prosecutors, defence lawyers and victims themselves say it does.

When sordid tales of sex and money and development deals spilled out of the Wollongong anti-corruption hearings, Labor luminaries dashed for cover.

Mortgages doled out to people on disability support pensions; loans to refugees with no English and no jobs that leave their families with next to nothing to live on; home loans so large they push

About 2,000 Australians deliberately kill themselves each year, a tally that exceeds the huge but humdrum toll of road deaths. On average, one young person dies by suicide every day.

Edward Russell's story is a compelling indictment of Australia's failure to care for its most vulnerable citizens. For most of his 25 years, he found only the gaps in the safety net.