Four Corners

They can't rip it out fast enough.

Clinicians now believe that modern strains of super-strength cannabis are increasingly triggering psychoses, depression and anxiety disorders in teenagers.

Career criminal Terence Hodson and his wife Christine were kneeling side by side as each was shot twice in the back of the head.  They became victims number 26 and 27 in Melbourne’s relentless cycl

On Anzac Day morning in 2006, Brisbane man Jayson Dalton took the lives of his two small children, Jessie and Patrick, and then killed himself.

What do you do when you've lost your job, lost your home and you have three kids to feed? You end up in a motel cooking, eating and sleeping in one room at the taxpayer's expense.

Reporter Matthew Carney goes inside to see first hand the conditions young offenders in juvenile detention are forced to endure.

Each week more than a thousand Australians are delivered the cruel diagnosis: they have dementia - incurable, untreatable, terminal.

They're bone-weary, stressed-out, poor and increasingly desperate - yet day and night, year in, year out, Australia's family carers keep responding to a multitude of someone else's needs.

It’s cheap, highly addictive and ultra-powerful.

For just over 50 years "the pokies" have been relieving Australian punters of their money. For every dollar spent at the racetrack, $5 is spent on poker machines.