Foreign Correspondent

Pop quiz:
Which nation has grown fatter faster, and currently holds the world's overweight title? The United States, Australia or Mexico?
A. Mexico.

Riau province in Sumatra is home to the world’s biggest paper plant. It’s owned and run by Asia Pacific Resources International Ltd, better known by the more disarming acronym APRIL.

It sounds like a benign coordinate or reference number but make no mistake H5N1 is far from benign.

Mother of two Regan Haight was married and living contentedly in mid-west USA until she returned home one day to find her children and her Japanese-born husband gone.

There’s a growing resistance - particularly among young Bali locals - to rampant development on the island and tourism at any cost so they’re mobilising.

Burma, also known as Myanmar, has long been closed off to the scrutiny of the outside world.

You can make yourself seasick watching the daily rocking and the reeling in Europe.