Environment and Natural History

There's no doubt that one of Australia's greatest economic resources is mineral ores.

Farmer and horse-breeder Peter Andrews has been described as everything from a crackpot to a visionary.

Sex is a very complicated affair - at least it is to a lizard in a cold climate. It's long been known that for some reptiles the incubation temperature of their eggs can determine their gender.

When it comes to water these days every drop counts. Australians have a higher water use per capita than any other country in the world.

Studies from the Northern Hemisphere show that you can keep the cold out and the heat in by adding a green roof to a building. But in warmer climates vegetation can also cool a building down.

Surprisingly little is known about gold nuggets. How do they form, where do they come from and do they hold clues to finding more gold?

Experts are warning that Australia is in the grip of the worst drought ever. Without rain, dams supplying our thirsty cities will run dry in just a few years – maybe sooner.

A special edition of Catalyst investigates fire, flood and acid mud in the Murray Darling Basin.

Back in 2001, Australia was under threat from one of the world's most intractable invaders – the imported red fire ant.

Mark Horstman reports on the extraordinary sex life of the Gouldian Finch, where choosing wrong mate can mean curtains for your kids.