Environment and Natural History

Catalyst's own surfing scientist, Ruben Meerman, heads to Queensland's Sunshine Coast to look at the science of the beach.
The Perfect Wave

For two decades, the CSIRO's Research Vessel, The Southern Surveyor, has been helping Australian scientists learn more about the oceans surrounding our island nation.

Space is once again 'the new frontier' – this time in finding a solution to the Earth's energy woes.

There's been a lot of talk about a nuclear future for Australia. But we already have an enormous nuclear reactor providing us with massive quantities of energy – the sun.

While solar power is clean and green, the great drawback for it has always been cost: it is more expensive than coal or gas-generated electricity. But could that finally be about to change?

If you thought the pollution in our cities was bad, may be you should consider the air you're breathing indoors.

You'd think after thousands of years perfecting the art of riding horses, everything there was to know about horses would already be known.

What would happen if the world were to start running out of oil?

Catalyst's resident Palaeontologist, Dr Paul Willis, has been a fossil lover for as long as he can remember.

China is gearing up for the fastest deployment of nuclear energy in history, fuelled by Australian uranium. At least thirty new reactors are planned to be built in the fifteen years.