Environment and Natural History

The roar of a hunting dinosaur echoes through the misty forest, while safe in a burrow the great-great grandmother of today's platypus gives birth to an egg...

The untold story of Australia's most prized tree, the Huon Pine, and the many worlds that surround it.

It's impossible to ignore the fact that Australia is in the middle of a severe water crisis.

Honoured with multiple film, documentary and nature awards including the 1991 Logie for Best Documentary feature, the series explores the diversity of Australia's landscapes, from the seas to the a

This series explores eight significant geographic features of the Australian landscape.

Tells the story of perhaps the most extraordinary partnership ever forged between humans and wild animals.

An Australian Geography Education series aiming to provide both an historical and modern understanding of the Australian environment. Suitable for lower- middle secondary students.

"Islands of the Vampire Birds" is the story of how a tiny finch made its way to a barren group of islands in the Pacific and evolved into one of the most fascinating groups of birds on ea

The defining aspect of Sydney's proposal to host the 2000 Olympic games was the emphasis on 'clean and green".

Geoffrey Robertson, QC, hosts and orchestrates a series of discussions on social issues, using a "hypothetical" format - i.e., an imaginary situation is created, and a selected panel of experts dis