Armed with seven planes manned by some of the world's most experienced pilots, a ship, 250 scientists and researchers and the best gadgets money can buy, a daring and intrepid group tries to catch

How has the notion of gay families evolved over the past decade? Is there such a thing as a typical gay family?

In the 1840s Tasmania's capital Hobart was the second largest whaling port in the world. Total commercial exploitation of whales was the order of the day.

Presented by John Clarke. For the first time here is a documentary that looks at how and why we speak the way we do.

Film-maker David Goldie takes us on a unique journey, one that began in the mid nineties when he made an internationally award winning film on homeless Australian youth, Nobody's Children.

In 1995, highly-acclaimed Indigenous filmmaker Ivan Sen recorded the lives of four Indigenous 15-year-olds growing up in rural New South Wales.

A documentary in the vein of Seven Up. Award winning Aboriginal filmmaker, Ivan Sen, recorded the lives of four indigenous teenagers growing up in small towns in north western NSW.

Secrets of St Marys is a scientific detective story that follows a team of student archaeologists as they set out to discover what life was like for the first settlers of South Australia.

This is an amazing, inspirational story about 7 year old Ryan Hreljac from Ontario who was determined to build a well for his pen pal Jimmy and the people in Angola, Uganda so they would have fresh

Documentary maker Simon Target gets up close and personal with some of the more surprising characters at the Bar as they grapple with real cases.
Ep 1 - Joining the Club