The Wood Royal Commission unleased an extraordinary investigation that swept through the NSW Police Force like a tsunami. For many, the stakes were life or death. Not everyone survived.

Located 4,000 km south west of Australia in the freezing waters of the sub-Antarctic is an active volcanic island sheathed in massive glaciers.

What began as a small, quiet ceremony to honour ANZACS who fought and died at Gallipoli has turned into a blockbuster event.

In February 2009 ferocious bushfires ravaged Victoria. Whole towns, 178 people, vast forests and millions of animals perished.

The journey of a unique rock band, whose members all have physical or intellectual disabilities, takes them from the Melbourne pub scene to the stage of the UN building, New York.

A two-part documentary special which examines the impact of sexual violence on the lives of Australian victims, and tries to gain an insight into why it happens.

Still the rain falls and for an astonishing third year in a row the outback rivers flow all the way to Lake Eyre.

It's remarkable enough when the great outback rivers occasionally flow to Lake Eyre to bring life to the arid centre of Australia - extraordinary when it happens two years in a row.

**WINNER** Best Documentary History, Social and Political Issues - 2011 ATOM Awards

On Trial is a groundbreaking, five-part documentary series featuring unprecedented access to major criminal trials in Australian courts.