Disease and Treatment

Do you ever worry one day you'll lose your marbles? It’s the cost of us all living longer. In our 60’s, we’ve a one in 100 chance of dementia. By our eighties, it’s one in three.

After being diagnosed with a devastating neurological disease called Generalised Dystonia, Luke Wilmot became confined to a wheelchair for most of his teenage years.

A sprained ankle or twisted knee causes pain which tells the body there's an injury and it's time to take action. Treatment follows, the injury heals and after a while the pain goes away.

James Vote is a 65–year–old diabetic suffering from peripheral vascular disease. Doctors told him it was inevitable he would lose his leg.

For parents and teachers of kids with food allergies managing lunchtime can be a nightmare.

Anorexia is every parent's nightmare. It's the dieting disease that strikes young girls seemingly at random. This disease has the highest death rate of any psychiatric disorder.

More and more Australians are experiencing the effects of mental illness, either directly or indirectly.

Riding instructor Anne Skinner isn't meant to be alive. She spent years teaching children with disabilities the joy and therapeutic values of horse riding.

27 year old Gayle Shann was working with her husband putting in fence posts on their property “Cantaur Park” when her glove became entangled in a drilling machine inflicting shocking injuries and n

In 2000 Tim McCallum was accepted into the prestigious Academy of Performing Arts in Western Australia; the culmination of a childhood dream.