Disease and Treatment

Second Opinion looks at spider phobia, also Craniosacral treatment for a head injury and how can Hatha Yoga help chronic pain?

Ever had a severe reaction to something you ate? Peanuts and shellfish come to mind immediately but many foods that cause allergies can also be life threatening.

Reporter Kerry O'Brien introduces fresh claims on tobacco industry practices in the '90s in its attempts to limit future liability over the health effects of smoking.

More than one in a 100 Australians will be affected by schizophrenia at some time in their lives.

In November 1982, a young man walked into St Vincent's hospital, Sydney, complaining of simple symptoms - fever, fatigue, sweats. Not much was known about the virus he was carrying.

Nurses and doctors recall the Spanish influenza epidemic which swept Australia in 1919. At least twenty million people died of the flu around the world, including twelve thousand Australians.

No matter what the advances in modern medicine are, there are still too many times when a patient's sickness is cured but the patient doesn't feel better.

In the early 1980s, a young Sydney man gave blood.

PIECES OF ME puts a human face to the accelerating scientific advancements in genetic identification.

A follow-up to the earlier Andrew Denton series "Blah Blah Blah", using a late-night chat-show format, and featuring a particular topic for each episode, with comedy sketch segments, vox pop street