Disease and Treatment

A story that tells the latest chapter in the life of a remarkable community that has battled with missionaries, governments and the horrors of alcohol abuse.

The Articular Surface Replacement hip or ASR created by DePuy and marketed by the Johnson and Johnson company was sold to doctors and patients as a giant step forward in joint replacement.

Youth-driven discussion program, hosted by John Faine. This series reviews situations in which teenagers make contact with the Police Legal system. Drama is used to demonstrate issues.

Ian Frazer was made Australian of the Year in 2006.

Australian of the Year 2005, Dr Fiona Wood is Peter Thompson's guest.

This program aims to sell the safe sex message to young people in a frank and humorous way, using language that is straightforward, without preaching.

In this crazy world few of us escape some kind of neck jamming, muscle cramping, eye bulging strain due to the pressures of our lives.

Once the symbol of chic sophistication, and something that seemingly everyone did, smoking is one of modern societies’ major preventable causes of death.

Can an holistic approach halt a four year old’s recurring colds? And how do thinning bones respond to Naturopathy? Joining Judy on the panel is Dr Russell Cooper, Laura Cini and Dr Rob Walters.

Can Theta therapy help a pianist’s stage fright and can osteopathy kick a digestive disorder exactly where it hurts?