Conflict & Peacekeeping

Talk to any major western leader and they will tell you Pakistan is a key ally in the war on terror.

For more than 30 years Australia has rested its security on the seemingly ageless wings of its F-111 fighter fleet. But in aviation circles these days there are doubts and rumblings.

To its backers, Woomera detention centre played a humane yet crucial role in housing the growing numbers of boat people landing on Australia's shores.

From Iraq to Solomon Islands and Afghanistan to East Timor, Australia's Army is stretched tight.

Companion piece to `The Burma Railway' from the same production team, dealing with the prior event of the fall of Singapore to the Japanese in February 1942, during WWII.

For 62 years Philip Handel's stained glass windows have graced churches and cathedrals around Australia. Now he's completing the final stage of his last and most difficult commission yet.

Walking Wounded is a moving story about ageing WWII veterans who fought as very young men, only to spend the rest of their lives suffering the consequent trauma in silence.

This story of music, faith and heroism focuses on the Brunswick Salvation Army Band whose fate in World War II is one of the most tragic and little told episodes of Australia's wartime history.

Dementia is a sleeping giant for aged Australians. In this program we focus on a specific group of elderly people - survivors of the Holocaust living in Australia.

At Gallipoli the Turks shot at our diggers but today they walk side by side with Australian ex-servicemen men and women in Anzac marches around the country.