Compass investigates support and opposition to the growing number of chaplains in our state schools.

Compass meets the hidden generation of young carers, kids like Hayley Wilson. She has been looking after her parents since she was eight and is now 16.

Catrina Lawrence is 16, struggling but forthright and full of dreams and hopes. She wants to become an actor, an artist, even an evangelist.

For 62 years Philip Handel's stained glass windows have graced churches and cathedrals around Australia. Now he's completing the final stage of his last and most difficult commission yet.

John Shelby Spong wants to overturn conventional Christian thinking. But he's not from the fringes of the church.

The Federal Government's recent work-place reforms have been under fire from the churches.

This moving Compass story focused on ways of dealing with infant death, either still births or babies who only live for a few hours or days.

The moving story of a 21-year old autistic boy and his devoted parents.

Walking Wounded is a moving story about ageing WWII veterans who fought as very young men, only to spend the rest of their lives suffering the consequent trauma in silence.

In the 1930s an extraordinary institution was born in this country. It was forged during the depression years by a fearless fighter for social justice - Father Gerard Tucker.