Final Vows follows three nervous young women, afraid that despite years of preparation they might fail their final test of Ordination as a Buddhist nun.

An historic milestone for the Anglican Communion took place on on November 4 2006 when Katharine Jefferts Schori, a Bishop from Nevada, become the leader of the Anglican Church in America.

At Gallipoli the Turks shot at our diggers but today they walk side by side with Australian ex-servicemen men and women in Anzac marches around the country.

For eight years Dr Lachlan de Crespigny, a leading obstetrician, has been at the centre of a bitter battle over the rights and wrongs of a life and death decision he and a team of doctors made at a

Following the recent collapse of several large Australian corporations, Compass explore the human effect of sudden job loss in the lives of ordinary workers.

The world's largest youth event, World Youth Day, is coming to Sydney in July.

Buddha Realms is a major two-part series that explores the origins of Buddhism, its major doctrines, and its relevance today.

Children of Abraham explores the mystical streams within the three "religions of the Book" (Judaism, Christianity and Islam).

Asylum seekers - the TAMPA incident - Lakemba youths - even the New York outrage... Compass discusses the effects of these incidents on multicultural, multi-faith communities in Australia.

Takes a look at the pulse of the Roman Catholic Church in Australia, coinciding with the visit of Pope Benedict XVI to Australia and World Youth Day in Sydney.
Part 1 – Sex or Celibacy