Moulded by the Depression - befriended by artists like Arthur Boyd and Syd Nolan - he started jamming more than 70 years ago.

Australian of the Year 2005, Dr Fiona Wood is Peter Thompson's guest.

The irrepressible Don Chipp pulls no punches in talking to Peter Thompson about his life in politics and his approach to life since being diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, “If you’re feeling down

Entrepreneur, prolific adventurer and advocate of everything Australian, Dick Smith tells Peter, “To me, a fair go is probably the most important ethos as an Australian”.

As a committed feminist and prolific author Dale Spender has had a big impact on the women’s movement both here and abroad.

On the eve of his retirement as Primate of the Anglican Church in Australia Archbishop Peter Carnley reflects on his life, the pressures of the office and in lighter moments shows how the Mitre can

To say Dr. Peter Singer polarises opinion is an understatement.

Florence Violet McKenzie was born in the years which gave rise to the first wave of feminism, apt timing for a woman who, during her long life, distinguished herself in technical fields and opened

In the sixties and seventies, Florence Broadhurst's wallpaper company produced designs that were all the rage across the globe.

Dr Vaughn Clift, a medical doctor, is as far as he knows, the only Australian working for NASA.