Australian Story

While politicians clash noisily over global warming and how to fight it, millions of Australians are trying modestly to cut their energy use, to be a small part of a big solution.

Riding instructor Anne Skinner isn't meant to be alive. She spent years teaching children with disabilities the joy and therapeutic values of horse riding.

27 year old Gayle Shann was working with her husband putting in fence posts on their property “Cantaur Park” when her glove became entangled in a drilling machine inflicting shocking injuries and n

Doctor and inventor Max Whisson has always taken a different view of life from most people.

Lachlan McCarthy first came to John Butler's attention in 2005 when he applied for a grant from a seed fund run by the musician.

This program is about one of the all time legends of world motor sport. In 1959 Sir Jack Brabham became the first Australian to win a Formula One world championship.

Jane Hansen lived a charmed life. She channelled all the opportunities of her generation - education, challenge and adventure - into a successful career as a television journalist.

This program features a harrowing and multi-faceted account of the impact of heroin addiction on an average, middle class Australian family.

Ian Conway is a man determined to make a difference. Twenty years ago he made a promise to an Aboriginal elder.

In 2003 a young American bride, Tina Watson, died during a honeymoon scuba dive on the Great Barrier Reef.