Australian Story

On 22 July 2007, Peter Hodgkins threw a rock at a car from an overpass at Kiama, NSW, smashing the skull of beauty therapist Nicole Timbs (Miller) and changing both their lives forever.

Fraser Island, off the coast of Queensland is the only place in the world with a population of pure dingos, but some authorities say they're in trouble with their numbers declining.

This episode of Australian Story centres on a case that could have stepped straight from the pages of an Agatha Christie novel.

Paul de Gelder was a Navy clearance diver with a reputation as one of the toughest of the tough.

Jack Heath is a former diplomat and political adviser who became a high flying speech writer and confidante of a prime minister.

On the eve of his retirement from public office, the nation's longest serving Director of Public Prosecutions, Nicholas Cowdery, reflects exclusively on his sixteen years in the top job.

From homeless teenager to the youngest ever leader of Australia's oldest union, Paul Howes is living a life accelerated.

This program charts the adventures of an octogenarian motor bike rider who's suddenly become the centre of a social networking phenomenon.

Maggie MacKellar was a city dweller who seemed to have it all – a successful academic career, a devoted husband, a young daughter and another baby on the way.

An in depth look at the woman who made history by becoming Australia's first female Prime Minister.