On a mid-winter’s morning in May 2005 a violent storm ripped through Bunbury. It damaged the city’s beloved cathedral so badly it had to be demolished.

Imagine the glottal stops and strange consonant combinations of the Tatar language set to exotic tones and rhythms of African instruments.

The art of creative writing and writing for the stage are explored in this program.

This is a personal perspective on the life and music of jazz multi-instrumentalist James Morrison.

This documentary follows a group of artists on a quest for inspiration into the heart of Central Australia.

What's life really like for women in the Islamic world? To what extent is our opinion of them based on Western prejudice? We profile five remarkable women who challenge conventional stereotypes.

From Bathurst Island, 80km north of Darwin, a Eucharist service in the Roman Catholic tradition integrating Aboriginal traditional elements and conventional Catholic liturgical forms.

The story of how the greatest ballet company of the 20th century - the celebrated Ballets Russes - came to Australia and awoke a nation, transforming the cultural landscape of the conservative 1930

Peter Sculthorpe, the acclaimed Sydney based composer, began composing at the family piano at the age of eight.

This is a ten part series developed as a resource for upper primary/lower secondary English classes.