(Study Guide) Political Football

Political Football (James Middleton, 2005) follows the story of six Rugby Union footballers who represented Australia in the 1969 Wallaby tour of South Africa. While on tour, the footballers experienced the reality of apartheid and the integral connection in South Africa between sport and politics.
On the eve of the 1971 tour of Australia by the Springboks (the South African Rugby Union team), the six footballers took a stand and opposed the tour. They refused to represent their country against a side that was selected according to race. Their decision was unprecedented: no Australian players had ever refused to represent their country on political grounds. They were declared 'a disgrace to their country', by the Prime Minster (Billy McMahon), who declared his Government would never concede to the demands of a radical minority.
This documentary is of specific interest and relevance to teachers and students of Studies of Society and Environment (SOSE/ HSIE), Australian History and Society, Cultural Studies, Political Studies, Media, English.

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