(Study Guide) Machete Maidens Unleashed

In 2008, director Mark Hartley gave us the fabulously entertaining study of Australian exploitation cinema, Not Quite Hollywood. Now he's back with Machete Maidens Unleashed! (2010), the first detailed examination and celebration of Filipino genre filmmaking. Hartley takes us on a trip back in time to a land where stuntmen came cheap, plot was obsolete, and the make-up guy was packin' heat!

Machete Maidens Unleashed! could be used in senior secondary Media, Film or Cultural Studies. It could also be used at a tertiary level in film courses focusing on Asian Film, Popular Cinema and Exploitation. The film provides an opportunity to hone student skills in critical cultural analysis. It also raises fascinating and important questions about taste, class and cultural identity. Secondary school teachers are advised the rating is MA15+. Unsurprisingly, given the topic, the film contains lavish amounts of nudity, sex, violence and coarse language. Parental con-ent forms may be required, depending on the context.

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