(Study Guide) Life at 5

Life at Five is the third instalment in the Life Series, which looks at the ordinary and extraordinary events of eleven Australian children as they learn to deal with many of life's hurdles including death, divorce and the day-to-day challenges of being a five-year-old.

Five years ago eleven children from all walks of life were hand-picked to be filmed and followed on their extraordinary journey through life. And so much is changing. Now they are five and running towards the primary school gate, our eleven have plenty to say for themselves. they are stepping beyond their own front gate and are increasingly influenced by teachers and peers.

This program will have interest and relevance for middle to senior secondary and tertiary students in the following curriculum areas: Health and Human Development, Biology, General Science, Values Education, Psychology, Sociology, Exploring Early Childhood (secondary), Studies of Society and Environment/HSIE (secondary), Child and Family Services (tertiary), Child Development Studies (tertiary) and Community and Family Studies (tertiary).

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