(Study Guide) Bomb Harvest

During the Vietnam War, more than two million tonnes of bombs were dropped on Laos. This harrowing documentary reveals, the horror and suffering did not come to an end with the departure of the B52s. Thirty percent of the bombs failed to explode on impact and remain alive and deadly today. In excess of 13,000 people have been killed or injured by this lethal detritus since the end of the war, and people continue to die on a weekly basis from explosions. Bomb Harvest is an important film on a terrible topic. It highlights issues concerning international and global responsibilities between first and third worlds, and provides insight into the dreadful legacies of war. The discussion points and activity suggestions are aimed at middle to senior secondary Media Studies, Studies of Society and the Environment, History, International and Asian Studies. Teachers are encouraged to select and adapt activities according to their teaching contexts, and the particular needs of their students and relevant curriculum areas.

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