Sound Effects

The ABC has, over the past twenty years, collected an impressive array of sounds from the natural world.

Specialising in the unique sounds of Australia, Papua New Guinea and the continent of Antarctica, this invaluable collection now forms part of the most extensive natural history audio collection in the Southern Hemisphere.

To hear the sounds of hundreds of birds, animals and insects in their natural habitat, visit our specialist natural history website WILD. Detailing common or scientific species name, age, sex, behaviour, habitat, vegetation and features of special interest and attraction, the website is designed to facilitate research at a sophisticated level for scientific and educational bodies and professional commercial producers of programs and feature films.

The ABC Sound Effects Collection also houses sounds from the modern world - the industrial beat of the city, the reassuringly consistent rhythm of machines and the familiar drone of planes, trains and automobiles that form the soundtrack to the 20th century.

An immeasurable resource for producers, the ABC Sound Effects Collection will add atmosphere and depth to enrich any production.