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In this revealing series, author, journalist, TV presenter and human rights advocate, Tara Moss, tours the darkest corners of the web to uncover the cyber violence that’s impacting so many people t

It's without precedent. How can a modern jet airliner just disappear?" The truth is Flight MH370 didn't just disappear...

Journey to Australia's southern ocean and uncover one of its best-kept secrets - a natural phenomenon called the "Bonney Upwelling" that sparks a feeding frenzy all the way up the food chain to the

This fascinating three part series explores three unique Australian islands and tells the stories of those who choose to live in these isolated locations.

These shorts, or interstitials, feature the summer flowering alpines, woodland and coastal heath land flora of Australia providing a magnificent and fascinating cross-section of Australia's plant w

Virginia Trioli joins Adam Elliot, acclaimed animator, for an insightful chat which reveals just what it took to make his latest hit film 'Mary and Max'.

Tom Moore is a glass artist and this program takes a look at his whimsical artworks and what inspires his ideas.

Making of the Opera 'Bliss' (based on novel by Peter Carey) captures the intense excitement and pressure as Opera Australia prepares to premiere its brand new Australian work, Bliss.

We enter the rhinestone-studded, fertile and fruity world of William Eicholtz, one of Australia's most distinctive contemporary sculptors.

Sarah Clarke meets successful Australians who are doing business in Asia, and discusses the challenges of conducting business across cultures.

They've launched controversial forays into election campaigns in Australia, New Zealand the US.

Reporter Quentin McDermott talks to men and women who were members of an elite unit inside the Church in Australia and the United States.

Fuelled by a cocktail of drugs, armed robberies are growing more violent and unpredictable. The robbers carry guns, knives, sledgehammers, iron bars or baseball bats.

Reporter Liz Jackson speaks to convicted paedophile Dennis Ferguson.

Auction Room will reveal how an auction works, and why a good auction turns into exciting theatre.

Damien Parer was Australia’s first Academy Award winner. Through his film Kokoda Frontline he brought the war in New Guinea home to the Australian public.

In the 1980s, George Rrurrambu, front man of the Warumpi Band, embraced rock and roll, reggae and traditional culture to make public a new bush politics that awakened Australia to a third world in

'Fabulous Creatures' is a 3-part series looking at three artists Troy Emery, Kate Rohde and Tarryn gill who work with sculpture reimagining the natural world in extreme and colourful ways.

The Art of the Stylist is a 3 x 5 mins series that aims to look behind the artifice to the art involved in the work of a stylist.

Heroes is a celebration of the history making first AFL Women’s season from its breathtaking opening night through to its dramatic conclusion – as told by football’s new wave of pioneers.