Writers on Writing

The art of creative writing and writing for the stage are explored in this program. The series is divided into three sections: The Writers, The Playwrights and The Composers, and is aimed at tertiary students and those with a general interest in writing.

The Writers looks at the creative process of writing for publications. It features interviews and readings from national and international writers attending Adelaide Festival of Arts Writers' Week, as well as younger and up and coming writers. It deals with the process from conception to delivery to publishers. Ep 1 - In the Beginning Ep 2 - The Write Stuff Ep 3 - The Long Haul Ep 4 - Crafting the Story Ep 5 - Creating Characters Ep 6 - The Sharp End

The Playwrights deals with a similar process as applied to writing for the stage. It features interviews with noted playwrights during the National Playwrights' Conference, as well as interviews with new writers whose works are being workshopped, and includes workshop rehearsal excerpts and excerpts from final performances. Ep 7 - Lights Up Ep 8 - Work in Progress Ep 9 - Significant Others Ep 10 - Get it On

The Composers follows four young composers as they workshop pieces for performance during the Festival. It also includes interviews with other noted composers attending the Festival, and ends with excerpts from the performance. Ep 11 - Young Composers

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Writers on Writing
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