Without Consent

A two-part documentary special which examines the impact of sexual violence on the lives of Australian victims, and tries to gain an insight into why it happens. Produced by award-winning film-maker David Goldie, the program features interviews with both rapists and victims, and reconstructions of aspects of their experiences, in an attempt to shed light on why Australia is so sexually violent, and what it is about our culture that encourages so few rape victims to report their assault.
Every Woman's Fear
A mother in a small town is raped, and the program shows how the incident affects her life, and the lives of those around her. Other rape victims tell their stories, providing an insight into this violent act and its repercussions - the cold and sometimes insensitive response by the public, the police and the courts; and the weight the experience brings to bear on personal relationships.
The Dark Side
This episode explores the question of why men rape. Is it sexual desire, or more a desire to humiliate, degrade and dominate? Or both? Six sexual offenders talk about themselves and their crimes, as the program looks at the dynamics of male and female relationships and their potential for violence, and shows how sexually-related violence is creeping into every part of our society.

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2 x 90 mins
Series Episode
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