Wise Up

Youth-driven discussion program, hosted by John Faine. This series reviews situations in which teenagers make contact with the Police Legal system. Drama is used to demonstrate issues. Set of ten consists of Sex, HomeBase, Policing, Schools Out, Gangs, Drugs, Abortion, Positive Living, Drink Drunk, Divorce.

Homebase A look at the traditional family structure, and at who makes the home rules. The program examines the effect of divorce on young people and discusses their views on custody, and what rights young people have when courts decide their future in divorce proceedings. The program also looks at domestic violence an the trauma of moving out of the family home. 

Policing Looking at teenage rights and responsibilities when confronted with representatives of the police force, including police powers in question, arrest and custody. The program also looks at courts and issues relating to legal representation. How easy is it to get legal aid? What are young people's rights in court, and what are the court's options in passing sentence?

Schools Out This episode deals with rights and responsibilities at school, and looks at discipline, drugs, harassment and what school really prepares teenagers to face in the real world.

On The Job Information for teenagers in the work place: getting financial assistance when out of work; legal rights on the job; harassment and starting your own business.

Sex The subject is sex - the when, how and why, and how teenagers cope with health issues, fears and pregnancy.

Pubs And Clubs A look at laws relating to the use of public and private spaces during recreational activities - roads, public transport, pubs, clubs, including under-age drinking problems and drugs

Gangs This episode deals with Gangs - why are they popular, are they dangerous, what should be done about them. Drugs The legal and education aspects of drug taking. Abortion Why are so many teenagers are choosing abortion, is it legal and should abortion be easier to obtain. Positive Living Looks at HIV, how do you get it, how can you help, what it's like to live with and discrimination.

Drink Drunk Looks at teenage drinking, and who, what, why, how, should something be done about it. Private Vs State Schools Questions on whether private schools give you better education than government schools.

Homeless Students Looks at the problem of homeless students, who is responsible and what should be done. Divorce This episode debates whether kids should have a say in divorce, what happens, and who should decide.

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14 x 30 mins
Series Episode
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Schools $330

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