Why Don't I Love My Baby (Help Me Love my Baby)

This two-part series follows a pair of mums as they discover how to do something most mothers take for granted - fall head over heels in love with their babies.

Ep 1 - Zoe and Izzy Zoe, 28, may look like a model parent to outsiders, but the reality is very different. Izzy was born six weeks premature with jaundice, and Zoe struggled to feel anything other than numb when she first saw her daughter. Feelings of guilt mixed with an overwhelming sense that she did not have a connection with her baby. After six months Zoe feels so negative about Izzy that she keeps her at arms' length. In turn, Izzy avoids her mother's face. Slowly Amanda starts to unlock Zoe's secrets - an unhappy childhood, a troubled relationship with her own mother, and the fear of raising a clingy child. Through cuddles, play and intense eye-contact, Amanda helps mother and baby to develop intimacy and emotional attachment. In a remarkable transformation, captured during more than a year of filming, Izzy begins to respond to her mother and Zoe begins to feel a powerful maternal bond.

Ep 2 - Sophie and Grace Sophie, 21, feels love for one of her twins. For the other, there's no maternal bond - just anger and fear. Sophie became pregnant despite a contraceptive implant, and wasn't sure she wanted babies. The twins were born eight weeks early and taken to a special care unit. Baby Mia was given to Sophie first, and they bonded instantly. But Mia's sister Gracie was weaker and Sophie was not able to hold her until the next day. When she did, it was not a happy experience for Sophie. Together, Sophie and Dr. Amanda Jones work through Sophie's troubled childhood and her fear of Gracie, as well as helping her to deal with the pressure of being a mother to twins. By having baby behaviour explained to her, and by using play and eye contact, Sophie learns to love both her daughters.

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Production Year: 
2 x 50 mins
Series Episode
Standard $220
Schools $176
Home $110

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